About Me – Chris Loukes

I am an artist, working in North Norfolk with digital video. I am also a Buddhist, practising with the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives. My Buddhist training informs my art work and my art work reflects my Buddhist training. I am using this blog to share my video work, photographs and maybe some thoughts. It is a means of helping me to understand what I like to look at in the landscape. My aim is to take at least one photograph every day. Most days I take a walk round the same route so many of the pictures are recording change.

My work explores themes of impermanence, interconnectedness and the cyclical nature of existence. It reflects and complements my practice in Soto Zen Buddhism. The video footage focuses on the everyday moment and everyday objects that tend to be ignored in the way we live our busy lives. The editing and addition of animations point to a state of being, wider and deeper than that which is on the immediate surface, and it reflects the way we create patterns and rhythms in our lives. I began exploring colour and emotion through painting after I experienced the powerful impact of Mark Rothko’s ‘Seagram Mural’ paintings in the Tate. I wanted to make work that created a similar response and with videoart I can include time and sound. I find the process very exciting.


2 comments so far

  1. kbvollmarblog on

    Dear Chris,

    although I am German I live in Norfolk, too (for more than 30 years now), on the North-Norfolk coast in Cley-next-the-Sea. Funny to find you here actually by accidend.

    Greetings from sunny Dublin which I am visting with Dina for my literary blog.
    All the best
    Klausbernd 🙂

    • Chris Loukes on

      Dear Klausbernd,
      Thank you for liking my work. It’s a small world.
      I hope you have a good trip to Ireland.
      Best wishes to you too,

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